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Rewrote the bridge to a song I orginally wrote in 2006.

November 3, 2010

New Day
By Mike Vascellaro © 2006

Your friends let you down again, you were counting on to pull you through,
So, your depressed again so alone again, the blues have got you,
It’s a sad situation every time a relation causes you pain,
You seek retaliation for the humiliation you can not restrain,
But it still is not too late for you yet.

Well, it’s a new day forget yesterday, you can’t alter the past, but you always can pray
It’s a new day, so be on your way, it’s time to move & thank the Lord for the day.

Life seems to pass you by even though you try to conquer you fall,
Overcome by circumstance, there is no second chance for you at all,
You need some motivation to provide the stimulation just to get through the day,
Seeking adulation you instead get accusation, you’ve been betrayed,
But it still’s not too late for you yet. (to Chorus)

Why do you just sit there feeling sorry for yourself
You’re a slave of self pity, a discarded toy on a shelf
There’s a path to freedom, but you need to reach out, to the one waiting for you.

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